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Czech it out!

Ah…Prague, a city that is a must visit for many people, especially photographers.  It is a place where your imagination is a reality because this city was built to impress the universe.  Wherever situated, just look around and all is beautiful.  All the pristine details and ornate craftsmanship cover the historic buildings that have truly stood the test of time.  Although, the purpose of this photo excursion was to bring back beautiful images and improve the old palette of skills,  it was to scout this golden city to be the location for Mark Anthony Studios first international workshop.   In Toronto we are also blessed with a bountiful selection of backdrops.  But nothing is more rejuvenating to ones craft than to step out of our shells for a bit to pursue the perfect picture in another part of the world.

For more information on this workshop " Prague September 2010 Edition" , please contact Mark Anthony Studios  for further details.  Be prepared to be amazed!