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Toronto Wedding Cinematography by Mark Anthony Studios

Mark Anthony Studios now offering  Motion Pictures ( Cinematography )

I’m excited to announce that we are now offering cinematography services to capture your special day, just the way you want it.

Gone are the days when clients were willing to accept unbearably long (two-to-three-hour) videotapes of weddings that simply covered the ceremony and reception in a linear fashion (i.e., from start to finish). Today, with state-of-the-art editing-suite technology at our disposal, after editing out the oohs, uhms and awes, a final feature-length video of a wedding should really be no longer than 20 minutes.

In an era of digital photography where smart phones and point-and-shoot cameras can record video, it is now more important than ever that the person behind the lens has the creative eye, experience and technical expertise to deliver an artistic and innovative final product that is unique and compelling for its audience.

Anyone can record or shoot a wedding, but it doesn’t mean he or she should. With over 20 years combined experience in cinematography, crafting wedding films (both features and shorts), music videos, corporate functions, conferences, event shootings, TV shows and entertainment/lifestyles channels, our cinematographers and editors have the vision, insight and flair to ensure that the end product meets the high-quality standards, unique creativity and incomparable service that Mark Anthony Studios has become known for.

Our cinematographers realize the potential for fun, heart-warming, creative video production within the wedding industry, and they express their passion through creative film, telling the unique and meaningful stories of our beautiful clients.

At Mark Anthony Studios, we specialize in shooting weddings cinematic style. This refers to a high-quality feature film or a short motion picture consisting of beautiful imagery, music and special effects. This style masterfully reveals our clients’ personalities and recounts the couples’ story while capturing the emotions and intricacies of their special day. In fact, our cinematographers can produce a four-to-five-minute piece (also known as same-day edit) for viewing at the reception, complete with music and voice-overs.

So whether you need beautiful pictures or cinematographic wedding films filled with personality and style, Mark Anthony Studios can be there to make it happen.

Since adding such movie-like video services here at Mark Anthony Studios, we’ve been overwhelmed with bookings. They’re such a wonderful complement to photos or as stand-alone production that can last a lifetime and beyond.

Contact us soon for a consultation as 2014 bookings are filling fast!

We offer the same-day edited pieces noted above. And, we are able to produce the videos on Blu-ray discs. Packages start from $3,595.

Mark Anthony Studios also offers destination-wedding coverage.  For instance, in June, we were in Mexico shooting a Sikh wedding (see trailer below ).

To view shorts of weddings and other events done by our cinematographers, click here.