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Where else can one find geysers, icebergs, glaciers, lava fields and waterfalls but Iceland! For six wonderfully picturesque days, I had the chance to join a PODAS photography workshops and work alongside talented and renowned photographers Peter Eastway, Steve Gosling and Kevin Raber who organized and led the course. Flying with Air Iceland was where the adventure began as I met a wonderful and passionate group of photographers from around the world also taking part in the workshop. Once we arrived, scenic views and natures splendor was what awaited us in the great Arctic. And great it was!

From there we were transported to the Hilton Nordica which gave us a chance to adjust to the new time zones, as well as the new equipment that we would be using. The next day we had the opportunity to capture all of what the beautiful landscapes had to offer. We rose early to explore some of the nicest towns in Iceland and visit lots of old houses, as well as a wonderful harbor where I took unmatched pictures. We took hikes in freezing temperatures, taking advantage of the fifteen hours of daylight; photographing the mountains, lava fields and the coastline of the peninsula. The richness and depth of the vast glaciers, lagoons and moraines was immortalized through the incomparable Phase One IQ160 photography system, which was an absolute delight to work with. We were able to capture the coexisting warm and cool colors through the masterpieces; depicting the peace and serenity of the mountains overlooking the sunrise on one hand, at the same time, capturing the powerful and untouched beauty of the glacier lagoons, such as the infamous Jokulsarlon. I was amazed in all that Iceland had to offer.

By the end of the trip, I was happy to come home with a head full of new knowledge, new photographic practices, lasting friendships, unparalleled experiences and last but not least, a hard drive filled with amazing images ( now available for purchase ) I am now proud to showcase in my art gallery. I will miss the breathtaking views and look forward to visiting Iceland again.

As the Icelanders would say, bless þangað til næst.
Goodbye, until next time.

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