Ceiba Del Mar, Riviera Maya

The opportunity to explore new inspiration is always exhilarating to a visual artist. This time I was asked by the talented Gabrielle deMelo of Casamentos to collaborate on a styled shoot in the beautiful Mayan Riviera, Mexico.

As an avid traveler, I have had the pleasure of traveling to some of the most exotic and serene parts of the world and dare I say I’ve developed a rather discerning eye for accommodation. Ceiba del Mar absolutely surpassed my expectations.

It is an intimate coastal resort with lush grounds that set the tone for high style, anchored by statement making gourmet delectables and an abundance of Mexican charm.  Luxurious yet authentic,  Its an ideal setting for an intimate destination wedding where unparalleled service will not go without notice. We worked with some of the most talented local vendors, Indulged in a beautiful performance by Javier Rojas, and even found a few minutes along the way to soak in some sun.

But the most spectacular of it all was the incredible settings designed and executed with utmost attention to detail. From the lavish arrangements to the fierce use of color, the environment was set to beautifully compliment its background’s gentle pace.

A special Thank You to Gabrielle deMelo for taking care of every last detail, along with these talented professionals:

Ceiba del Mar - www.ceibadelmar.com

Planner 1 - Gabriela Lavor - www.planner1events.com

Javier Rojas - www.javierrojas.com.mx

Euforia - Hector Suarez Maillard - www.eventoseuforia.com

Sell to Please - Michael Roque - www.selltoplease.com

Hits Band - www.hitsband.com

Mannia Cancun - www.manniacancun.com.mx

Celilia Dumas - www.ceciliadumas.com

Alexandra and Christopher

Toronto is not only about traffic congestion and large, block skyscrapers, as Alexandra and Christopher discovered during a dusk-to-night shoot in the city.   Nathan Phillips Square (and City Hall), the “Crystal” entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum,  the cobble-stoned pathway in front of Osgoode Hall, and the old street lamp-lit grounds of the University of Toronto’s St. George campus are just a few of the surprisingly romantic settings the city has to offer.   This is especially the case at night, when colours seem much more vibrant against a grey or dark backdrop.

The two tie the knot this August in the this big city.